Great Hair Clip Idea for Scraps!

If you are one of the many people who found my blog because of my ‘Make your own baby leg & arm warmers!’ Tutorial then you may have thought to your self what about some of these cute scraps of socks left?  Well reader Amber had a GREAT idea :).  If you head over to her blog here you can find details on what she did, but she used the sock scraps to create coordinating hair clips to go with her handmade babylegs!  I think this turned out so cute and such a great idea for little girls!  The tutorial she links too is also great for other scraps too :).  Here is a picture of her finished set, click on the picture to go to her blog and see more pictures & figure out how to make your own!

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1 Response to Great Hair Clip Idea for Scraps!

  1. Amber Mae says:

    Thanks for the link back! And thanks for the original post. Saved us some money for Christmas 🙂

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