Womens Activewear ‘Get Moving’ Fitted Bottoms

I have always loved yoga pants and leggings, but not so much the bottom of yoga pants or the elastic waistband of most leggings.  I have been wanting to design something that met my needs for years but didn’t have it at the top of my priority list because there are other patterns out there.  Then I started running!

Good running gear can make a big difference in how you feel when running or working out, and the stuff is NOT cheap.  After talking to some fellow runners/seamstresses I decided to bump this idea back to the top of my list!  Depending on fabric choice you can make elastic free basic leggings that are great for layering in outfits or wearing as long underwear, but you can also make them with performance activewear fabric and make 5-6 pairs for the price of 1 or 2 new!

EYMM Womens Activewear
‘Get Moving’ Fitted Bottoms

Womens Sizes XS-5X Including Maternity


These low rise to mid rise, elastic free, yoga bottoms are designed to be almost as tight as performance compression wear. Theory is, the snug fabric actually helps increase & improve blood flow while working out.

I personally find them just as comfortable whether running/working out, cleaning the house or even as an elastic free pair of leggings or long underwear for layering.
If you want a more casual ‘around the house’ yoga bottom or maternity wear you can make them 1 size larger.  This pattern includes 10 womens sizes with 2 waistband options and 5 length options.

Short Shorts
Bike Shorts
Capri’s (Just below the knee)
Calf Capri’s
Full Length
Fold Over Waistband
Regular Waistband

This purchase is for an ebook file with 12 pages of instructions, photos & diagrams. It also includes 37 professionally digitized pages of nested pattern pieces in the same file & a page print guide that you assemble to make the full sizes pieces (12-25 pages per size group).


Tester Photos:

1375224_10151736723691033_1831652203_n photo 1 1397342_10100849291704617_1743672565_o 1391940_10151746085147545_1308130848_n 1383301_10151930929916075_1987259894_n 1380201_654834521213690_775015823_n 1379442_10100849291644737_155723215_n 1379243_10100849291729567_2065996494_n 1378144_10151684400691439_927690097_n


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