Kenzie’s Party Dress & Skirt for Girls

Kenzie’s Party Dress & Skirt

Infant & Toddler Sizes NB-4t 
Girls & Tween Sizes 5-18

This pattern is a pattern of love for me, with back to school for the 3 older kids I didn’t have the time to plan the 1st birthday I wanted so I decided I would make sure to create a smashing dress instead.  I have to say I think I succeeded!

KenzieTurnsOne-(5 of 167)  KenzieTurnsOne-(1 of 167)KenzieTurnsOne-(1 of 1)

This timeless dress was inspired by my baby girl Kenzie’s 1st birthday.  With classic lines and a variety of options, this pattern can be used over & over for years to come.  The back of the empire waist bodice features a beautiful scooped line and the signature skirt is full and eye catching.

With the options included, there are endless design possibilities and anyone can create an heirloom quality garment.  Included are 2 sleeve & 2 skirt options for a dress, as well as directions for creating 2 different high waisted skirts in a total 9 sizes per pattern.  The simple skirt offers clean lines simple yet classic lines, paired with the full sash that can be tied in beautiful bows and you really can’t go wrong.

Each .pdf pattern includes 24 pages of directions full of pictures & some cutting charts & an inspiration gallery as well as 5 full size, nested printable pattern pieces and a design planner (9-12 pages depending on the size).  I won’t lie this sucker is a fabric hog!  But it worth every inch.

It is an Intermediate level pattern though some of the advanced beginner testers were comfortable sewing it.  Most of the techniques in this pattern are relatively basic and covered in the photos.  A few of the ones mentioned & not covered in much detail are hemming, clipping curves, topstitching, finishing seams, button holes & applying double fold bias tape though I do include some clickable links.

One more complicated technique that IS covered is a continuous bound placket otherwise known as a dress placket.  If there are techniques you would like more information on you may visit my blog,

There are 3 purchase options that include either 9 or all 18 sizes. Plus and additional bundle with an 18″ doll version OR you can purchase the doll version as an add on for one of the individual patterns.

Infant & Toddlers sizes Newborn-4T
Girls & Tweens sizes 5-18
Bundle Pack sizes Newborn – 18 Tween (over 20% savings)


Tester Photos…

1235548_10202322789095750_1084246025_n 1441494_10201031750023983_1155017818_n  1451325_950666684949_16582458_n 1452522_10151798599671033_931066869_n 1453527_10153449494795696_555094916_n 1456531_10153428126375562_853451583_n 1460989_10202322786015673_534667450_n 1461607_10201578609800690_466636134_n 1476394_10151823279263214_1346771721_n 994395_226194037549098_1803729506_n 1185606_10202006822228554_251877804_n 1393684_10201655429204766_713515236_n 1424395_10152001238936075_99859954_n 1452177_10202582796122041_1524173305_n 1452522_10151798599671033_931066869_n 1455879_10151977259831281_1934000822_n 1459676_10151770513583671_708920092_n 1459999_10201655430484798_419003663_n 1460264_10152001238916075_1128203232_n 1463040_10202006824428609_1134039579_n  1463984_10152025124727460_240742116_n 1465294_10151711861036431_654952375_n 1465375_10151982722291281_254014597_n  1470049_10151968494269719_281099731_n 1471244_10201311108354440_1114239319_n 1471738_10202006798267955_108346189_n  1474638_10202224239105372_1253899313_n1474498_10201655431244817_1962847698_n


1 Response to Kenzie’s Party Dress & Skirt for Girls

  1. You are so creative! This layered, ruffled, twirly dress is perfect for little girls. Kenzie in her 1st birthday dress is very precious.

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