January Challenge VOTE FOR A WINNER!

I know this is a few weeks late but as you saw from my last post we have been a little distracted :).  Anyway it is time to vote for a winner for our January Sewing Challenge where the theme was ‘Sewing something for YOU!’  Since there was less then 10 submissions every entry is up for your vote! Vote now until Feb 27th for your favorite project & the winner will receive a yard of fabric from my personal stash.

Don’t forget, the February Sewing Challenge has already been posted & pictures are already being uploaded but you still have over a week to join us :).

From daniholsapple Fabric Flowers Pins  “Perfect for adding to shirt and one for my headbands!”

fabric flowers detail

From Su_Li a Slip-Over Apron from the book Vintage Notions by Amy Barickman

Slip-Over Apron

From switham81 “A clutch I made for an event I was supposed to go to with my hubby….but we skipped out =) I LOVE it so much!!”


From legalporter Flannel PJs

January project-KristenP

3 submissions from mamalusco

‘Simple & Classy’ Bag “I love a new handbag (or 3) just for me! Made using the Heart of Mary pattern. Fabric is from Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng line. A great medium-sized shoulder bag.”

'Simple and Classy' Bag by Mama Lusco

‘Amy’ Purse “I love a new handbag (or 3) just for me! Pattern testing for My Taylor Made Etsy shop. Another bag for me!”

'Amy' Purse by Mama Lusco

‘Not Just Another Pretty Purse’ “On my list to sew for months, I finally made it, just for me! Tutorial from Sew a Straight Line. Made in Joel Dewberry’s Ginseng line.”

'Not Just Another Pretty Purse' by Mama Lusco

SUBMIT YOUR VOTES BELOW!  You may vote for up to 3 projects but you must vote for them all at the same time.  The winner will be announced on Feb 28th.

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2 Responses to January Challenge VOTE FOR A WINNER!

  1. darcie says:

    I vote for switham81’s orange and yellow clutch and the brown and pink polka dot handbag!

  2. Lori Hunter says:

    Fabric flower pins are so original and darling! Lovin’ them!!!

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