Wrapless Wrap Baby Carrier

Time for my project for the February Sewing Challenge!  Something for someone you love… I chose to make a sling for the newest addition to our family & he just LOVES snuggling in it while mama works around the house :).

I have had this project planned for months & just haven’t managed to get it done!  This is my first sewing project since little Parker arrived & I am quite happy with it. I had actually gotten as far as cutting one out with test fabric & starting to sew it together but, like I thought, the fabric content wasn’t the same (old jersey sheet) & it just wasn’t stretchy enough to test fit the sizing.  I started that back in January but finally decided this week to say screw it & cut into my good, pricey, fabric. This is a knock off of the ‘Baby Nest Carrier’ from The Baby Nest. I DID take pictures along the way and plan on getting a tutorial up soon but please be patient as I do have my hands full at the moment.

An online friend of mine got one of actual Baby Nest Carriers for her newborn daughter a few months ago and fell in love. When she shared pictures of it I was very intrigued because I love baby wearing! The idea of knit wraps is an awesome one and I wanted to love them but just haven’t. I have tried them with the twins & watched my friend use hers a ton & BUT I personally have a few issues with them…

  • I don’t want to spend the time to fuss with wrapping them! I know it gets faster, but for ME it’s just not worth it, I know they are great for others.
  • Most of the 100% cotton ones tend to stretch out a bit & get saggy quick with bigger kids.  That being said, another friend has a wrap like the moby that is made with the same fabric I used here & she said it is a lot better which doesn’t surprise me.
  • The thought dragging on the floor all the time when your wrapping it grosses me out… I know this can be solved by doing it at home before you leave, but I will often not use one until half way through a trip so it’s just not a great option for me.

SO this carrier/wrapless wrap seemed like a perfect solution for me. I also like that I can quickly & easily switch positions without having to entirely re-wrap. It is similar to 2 interlocked pouch slings (though not curved & much narrower) with a skinny short ring sling belt that wraps around. The hardest thing about not having one to actually full out copy is getting the sizing right, but luckily I did it the first time around and wrote down just how I did that so I can share it in my tutorial.

A few things I did differently from the original carrier are I did double up the fabric instead of doing a weaker single layer (it looks like that is what theirs is from all the pictures I can find but I could be wrong). I think it feels much more secure because of it, as well as looks more finished. Then I also made it a little more fitted because again all the pictures I looked at it seemed a bit saggy, loose and falling off shoulders.

Another advantage to this is it is cheaper then making your own moby style wrap (though that is no-sew project) because you don’t have to get 5-6 yards worth & make 3 wraps when you will likely only use one. I used 2.5 yards of a yummy cotton/lycra (95/5%) jersey that I got on sale at JoAnn’s. Weight wise it is about 13oz per yard which is on the heavier/thicker side for a c/l jersey I believe. I LOVE it, he LOVES it so it’s a win win. I will say right now he is a peanut at somewhere between 7-8lbs (he was 6lbs12oz 1.5 weeks ago) so he sits pretty high because he doesn’t weight enough to stretch it a ton BUT that’s good because it means it won’t sag a ton when he is bigger. I will try to get pictures with a bigger baby or a small toddler in it at some point when I can borrow one.

Here are a few quick pics! I will note I am tired and look it! Though not to bad considering I have a 2.5 week old, two preschoolers & a kindergartner. I also wasn’t thinking & am wearing a black tank top under a black sling so that makes it a little bit harder to tell what is what, but I think you get the point.

Just a quick picture of how the belt secures since I don’t know if they show you in the instructions to the original I showed before…

Well off to change a diaper & feed a hungry little guy, but hopefully I will have more to share soon as I started cutting out the twins Easter dresses today while we had a mini snow storm :).

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11 Responses to Wrapless Wrap Baby Carrier

  1. Jessica says:

    Don’t forget you have a 11lb niece you can try it on. I reaaly like the look of that…you shall have to demonstrate it to me and perhaps help me make one…..cause I likey….

  2. Natalie says:

    I loved this. I wish I had one when my son was little. I got the Moby but didin’t like wrapping it either….especially the because it would drag the ground as you mentioned. And the stretching made you have to rewrap too. But I still love baby wearing 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited about the upcoming tutorial!! I have been eyeing these carriers -love the moby style but like you, don’t feel like tying and re-tying constantly when my baby wants in or out (or in parking lots…) so I wanted to check out this style but couldn’t figure it out from pictures. I have been using pouch style which are great and convenient, but hard on the shoulder/back. Really looking forward to your explanation! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jena says:

    I’m the same as Sarah! I have been wanting the moby, but had concerns of how much I would really use it. This seems just like it, without the fuss of getting it on. I can’t wait to use your tutorial to make one, especially since I will be having my 3rd in a few months!!

  5. Linda G. says:

    Oh my goodness; I am so excited about a tutorial! I made my own moby wrap but I like the idea of not having to wrap it and wear it before I ever leave the house. I hate the thought of having it drag on the ground while putting it on while out of the house. Is this like the k’tan? My friend has one of those and they are so awesome!

  6. Tricia says:

    I love it! I have a regular ring sling, a fake moby wrap, a pouch sling (all made by me) and two woven wraps- but as far as wrapping a newborn, I LOVE the idea of what you did!! you MUST MUST MUST make a tutorial (in all of your “free” time ha) , I have a new little one due in 6 weeks! It looks great!

  7. Tamara says:

    I love this!! I have a Cuddly Wrap (which I LOVE… just like the moby, but organic, and Canadian). But I hate the long tails when trying to tie it in public! I have about 15 weeks left before my next one arrives, so would love to make something like this! 🙂

  8. Jena says:

    Any closer to a tutorial? I’m dying to make one before my baby comes.

  9. anandhi says:

    hi, so where can i find the tutorial for this wrapless wrap please?

    • Kymy says:

      Sorry I haven’t had the time to finish it, If I can find the memory card with the pics I will upload it soon, but I can’t make any promises.

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