12th Man Superbowl Sale!!!!

12th man saleFor those of you who don’t already know we are a house of Seahawks Fans! We are the 12th man, we have been fans through all the losses, and the wins since my husband and I were kids.  We were both born and raised in the Seattle area as are our kids.  12 is also my lucky number and always has been ;).  What makes this first ever Seahawk win even better? Not only did they play an amazing game but our youngest son loves HIS Seahawks, lol, and today is his 3rd birthday.  He just got the best birthday present ever!  When the game was finally finished and the confetti started to fall he came up to me and said ‘Mommy MY Seahawks won!’.

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Yesterday he had a hawk party… him & his friends made yarn pompoms, they made ‘Go Hawks’ signs for the super bowl.  The excitement on his face when he saw this surprise on the window was simply priceless!
1557638_10152145111496281_493824879_nHe had a blast watching the game and cheering on his hawks just like daddy.  We celebrated with good food including these AMAZING cupcakes my cousin made.  Skittles really do make them even better! lol. He was also very excited to get his new red ‘big kid bike’.

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As a way of celebrating we have decided to have a quick sale!!!  In honor of Parker’s 3rd birthday, the Seahawks first ever Superbowl win, the 12th man and the 35 point lead we have having a quick 2 day sale in the craftsy shop!!!  All bundles are marked down to $12 (normally $13.95-$17.95 & $17.90-$19.90 single) in honor of the 12th man and all individual patterns are marked down 35% (sale price of $0.65-$6.47… normally $0.99-$9.95) in honor of a tie for the 2nd largest lead in Superbowl history!  The sale lasts until 11:59pm Tue. 2/4.

12th man sale

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