15% off YouCanMakeThis.com for EYMM blog readers only!!!

YouCanMakeThis.com contacts me each holiday season after seeing posts I make about their products & offers my readers special giveaways & discount codes!  Now that fall is here & the holidays are coming they would like to celebrate fall and all the people working on making gifts for the holidays by offering up a special discount code for Everything Your Mama Made & More! blog readers only.

So now through Nov. 18th use EYMM readers can use the code BlogThisFall to get 15% off your YCMT order!  They don’t have discount codes often so now’s the time to to check off a few things from your wishlist.

YouCanMakeThis.com recently overhauled their website and gave it a whole new look. Have you seen it? It’s quite a bit easier to navigate and search now which is a huge plus for me. One of my favorite new features is the search tool for the ‘I Made This‘ section. Now you can search for specific types of patterns or just one pattern.

Anyways I don’t buy all my patterns there but I do buy a few here & there and I often show you what I have made like the McKensie, Miss Olivia & Miss Claire, Miss Mary, Miss Madeline & the Amelia’s Dresses. I also made multiple tunic versions of the Miss Madeline here & here. I have even made a dress for me! All these patterns are available at YCMT, plus I have a bunch more I haven’t made up yet or haven’t gotten to take pictures of.

As a way to celebrate they have offered a 15% off coupon at YCMT that is good until the 31st, Code: BlogThisFall.

These are some of my most recent purchases that I have on my current list of things to do!

And these are a couple new ones I just got with my 15% off code…

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