Clipping Corners & Curves

I have to admit I can be quite a lazy seamstress at times.  Now that I have been sewing long enough I know what I can get away with & what’s important.  I get a lot of people that ask me how I get such nice looking finished items… often times it’s stuff you don’t see.  One of the most important things besides top stitching when possible (this make’s a HUGE difference in look and durability, trust me!) is to remember to clip your corners & your curves!  otherwise you end up with wonky, bulky seams, that even when top stitched, just don’t look quite as nice.  Today a friend shared this blog post that is a perfect visual example of WHY it is important to  clip your corners and curves…  Make It and Love It: Sewing Tips – Clipping Corners and Curves

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1 Response to Clipping Corners & Curves

  1. Alicia Dybdal says:

    Thanks for sharing! I remember learning that in home-ec but I wouldn’t have remembered. I’m just getting back into sewing now so this was posted at the perfect time for me!

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