It’s been a busy few weeks…

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, things have been a little crazy around here!  I gave a week’s notice at my job & a few days later got an 3 orders for super hero capes that I had to have done over a 3 day period.  Normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal but they were orders for 4, 12 & 2!  That’s right 18 custom capes with 3 days to get it done.  I got the first 4 done late one night & was able to deliver them the next day (local) and get the fleece for the other orders.  That night I got home around 8 from shopping and got all 12 of the others done & ready for shipping.  The next day I finished the other 2 & got them out as well.  I don’t know how the heck I managed it because I was busy most of the days… so I worked on them late at night.  None the less they are DONE & there are going to be 18 very happy children over the next few months!  I also managed to get sets cut out & partially done for the kids… I am hoping to get them done today… they are just so close, but I got pooped out on capes for a week!

First was a set of capes only for one of the moms in my twins club… her twins are only a few months younger then the girls…

Then there was the massive order, what the heck was I thinking?  She had contacted me weeks back but forgot to confirm her order until a few days before I HAD to have them shipped out.  It worked out though!

The birthday boys set…

Then for his 11 very lucky little friends…

Close up of one of the 11 sets…

Then the last order that was a last minute birthday gift that had to go to Canada.  I was able to very carefully get 2 of these in the small flat rate priority box!!!!  They almost didn’t fit!!!  Fleece doesn’t squish as much as you would think.

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1 Response to It’s been a busy few weeks…

  1. Oh my god that is the coolest kid’s party idea!

    You are like a one-woman sweatshop!

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