The New EYMM Pattern Shop!

I must say having this day here and being real finally, is crazy.  For years I have talked about it, planned it out, came up with designs etc., but I finally DID it.  Don’t get me wrong Craftsy has been a great affordable platform to help me climb into the shallow end so to speak.  Without Craftsy I would not be where I am now!  While I am moving my focus over to my new shop/site I still do highly recommend Craftsy, especially the classes they offer.  This little shop is growing though and needs the freedom to categorize items, have more pictures and do promotions.


To celebrate, for a limited time, submit a finished review of one of our patterns and when it is published you will receive an email with a discount code for 10% off your next pattern!!! (The coupon is good for 30 days).

SO, check out the new EYMM pattern shop! We are slowing going to be integrating this site into it so everything is in one spot. The new shop has lots of great features including instant downloads, sales/discount options, an affiliate program, discounts for reviews, more pictures & is much easy to navigate! This first week there is a bit of lag time do some server issues with the host, but the site is otherwise fully functional and ready to go! Come check it out…


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