Fall 2013 Pattern Designer Challenge


I am super excited to announce that I am participating in my first group pattern release!  The ‘Designer Challenge’ was a challenge to designers to create & release a .pdf sewing pattern that was different then yet another peasant dress pattern. 26 talented designers signed up to participate and I am excited to be one of them!  So for the next 4.5 weeks starting tomorrow a different designer will be releasing a new brand new pattern each day, many of which will be featuring giveaways on Pattern Revolution as well.

I am one of the first designers up with my big release on this SUNDAY 11/17! Thanks to help from some very talented testers, I am excited to be releasing an amazing dress & skirt pattern that is different then current patterns, elegant, classic yet fun and PERFECT for the holidays.  It allows you to truly design & create your own dress, while all the testers dresses are turning out amazing they are all different.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone, so check back this weekend!

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