2013 Handmade Holidays


In years past I have done a few different things this time of year, the 2 most popular have been ‘Handmade Holidays’ series as well as my seamstress gift guide.  This year I would like to do BOTH, though I plan on mixing up the ‘Handmade Holidays’ series.

Instead of just doing free tutorials in very general categories I will be sharing a mix of both paper & .pdf patterns you can purchase, free online tutorials and patterns including a mix of YouTube videos and last but not least, some ‘pin-spiration’ aka handmade gift ideas that I have found in photos from pinterest that don’t have instructions to go with them.  I am a few days behind thanks to a cranky appendix but I have a bunch of holiday inspiration to share as well so some great new patterns in testing for the holidays.  I hope you enjoy what I have in store for my readers.

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1 Response to 2013 Handmade Holidays

  1. Rebecca Haughn says:

    yes please, appreciating the adjustment you have been forced to make. I admire you and look forward to each entry. If I have any money will try to buy a pattern or two whatever yous offer. hugg

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