Surfer Chic Almost 5 Years Later

For readers who have been following me since the beginning you may remember these adorable surfer chic dresses I made for the twins when they were 14 months old.  They were one of the first dresses I made for that they I simply fell in love with and were made using one of the first patterns to come out as a .pdf and on  I packed them away in their baby boxes figuring there was a good chance they wouldn’t be worn again for 20+ years if that (I was going through a divorce at the time) so it was sheer joy when I found out we were having a girl last year and today almost 5 years later I was able to put one of the same dresses on Kenzie at just 7 months!

I was so excited to try it on that I didn’t even bother ironing it first!  I still love it just as much today and since I was able to track down some more of the fabric I may just have to make her one of her own in the next size up.  Anyway I just thought it was neat to look back at the pictures, it’s crazy to think the twins were 7 months older when they wore them!  They will fit Kenzie for a while but they were in the 25th % for height & Kenzie is in the 60th, lol.  While I do keep some hand me downs I had gotten rid of nearly all the twins baby clothes when I got divorced other then their baby box stuff and most of what I kept is the wrong season since they were spring babies, so it’s not often I get to see her in her big sisters clothes.

Kenzie Rae 7 Months April 2013



The twins just shy of 5 years ago from the original blog post at the age of 14 months

Miss Carlie Paige!

Miss Baylie Ann!

Baylie on the left & Carlie on the right.  They LOVED sitting in their 2 bum ‘time out’ chair.


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2 Responses to Surfer Chic Almost 5 Years Later

  1. Ingrid says:

    Thanks for sharing. What adorabel faces! Happy to be able to making these dresses for my grandchildren now, because I had 4 sons 😄

  2. beebeejaybee says:

    so sweet…… Loving the time out chair lol kinda almost defeats the purpose 😛

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