Upcycling is for Boys too!

I know upcycled dresses are all over for girls, but what about those boys?  As a mom of 2 boys it can be hard at times to find cute boy patterns that age appropriate yet school worthy for my 7.5yr old.  Recently a friend asked about boys upcycle patterns & I thought I would share what I have found in my searches!

Below are some simple & practical tops, shorts, pants & even boxer briefs!  Depending the the fabric choices & your little guys age the can be very cute and dare I say even cool?  I do stress with boys fabric choice makes a HUGE difference. I try to stick to a graphic t’s with solids or stripes, especially if they are older then 3or4.  My son isn’t overly picky but he just prefers something a little more basic, many of the boy prints you find in stores & even online are more for the 5 & under crowd.  So that is something to keep in mind.

One last thing is these upcycles are made with knits, if you haven’t sewn with knits before or struggled in the past you might want to take a minute to read my recent post Sewing with Knits 101.


Raglan tops are the perfect upcycle top for boys you can use  multiple fabrics with little pattern manipulation.  If you already have a raglan top pattern with a hood or you need one for larger sizes really any will work.

This Lil’ Blue Boo pattern goes up to a size 7 and runs through piecing/upcycling. I own this pattern and have to say I think it runs short… I would measure it before cutting & lengthen if needed.  Recycled T-Shirt Hoodie PDF Pattern and Tutorial – Unisex Sizes 6M to 7 Years

If your little guy is taller then a size 7 the Carla C ALL-THE-RAGE RAGLANS  — 6M-10/12 YRS is similar & goes to a 12.  I find this pattern also runs on the short side & it doesn’t have the upcycle piecing instructions but it is very easy to mix it up a bit!


This free tutorial shows you how you can use any t-shirt pattern to make an upcycled scrappy shirt.  This is the art of piecing!



Again it’s about the t-shirts & fabric choice!  These are cute & simple patterns that with the right fabric choice most older boys would happily wear too!

THE JADEN T-SHORTS are for sizes 1-12yr and use 1-4 recycled t-shirts depending on the size & how many colors you want to use.

These pants are a FREE tutorial & I love the look.  Honestly I think most teenage boys & men would wear them if you used the right fabrics. I will say though you will want to use this rise fix when making them.

For upcycled unders you can use any pattern but this free tutorial shows you how and includes a printable size 3/4 childrens pattern.

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