Lil Blue Boo’s GoTo Women’s Knit Top

I finally made something for ME last month ;). This is Lil Blue Boo’s GoTo Women’s Knit Top. I have a 41″ bust and made the size L. It is made with a very thing/draping cotton blend knit. It had more then enough stretch for me to cut the stripes on the diagonal instead which I personally find more flattering on a fuller bust or wider mid section. The .PDF pattern for womens sizes S-XL can be found here for $6, it includes the pattern piece you print out, cut out & tape together.

I found it very quick and easy to make. Because the knit I used was so thin I just left the edges raw (just cut clean with rotary cutter) so it took maybe 30 minutes for me to make? I will say make a tester so you can make sure the sizing is right before cutting into the good stuff… because though it is drapey it is more fitted in the mid section. Also I made the 2 neck pieces each .5″ shorter and feel the collar is still a bit big, next time I will make them each 1″ shorter (2 inches smaller total) so the neck actually lays flat. But for $6 for the pattern is great if you like the style.

I think it’s flattering for all different bust sizes which is a big challenge for me with a large chest & otherwise small frame.  Also depending on your fabric choices it can be anything from ultra formal to super casual!

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