Enjoying our little slice of heaven…

For those of you that don’t know we live on the south end of beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington state.  We aren’t known as well for some ot the amazing weather we have as much as the 9 months of on off rain, but actually parts of Whidbey Island have some of the driest weather in the state!

This weekend was simply AMAZING.  We got our first little taste of summer just in time for my 28th birthday on Saturday & Mother’s Day on Sunday.  I can’t really tell you just how blessed I am, the weather was just the icing on the cake!  My kids made me a yummy cake and cards for my birthday as well as took me shopping.  Then on Mother’s Day I got more great cards followed by the sweetest story ever from my 6 yr old 1st grader and some presents from my hubby!!!

My Cake…

Some of my cards…

The present the big kids got me from their dad’s house…

A VERY yummy treat from my hubby 🙂

The AMAZING Mother’s Day story from my oldest son who is in 1st grade.  I almost lost it when I got to the line ‘My mom is as sweet as a strawberry.’

My hubby got me a few things awesome things including these…

including a couple crochet books…

And this thread tower that I have been wanting for months!!!

AND the best thing of all which you guys will hopefully see soon is he is giving my blog/site a makeover!!!  I am SO excited with what he has so far & can’t wait until it’s done so I can share.

I think one of my favorite gifts of all though besides the hand made stuff is the Discover Pass the kids & hubby got me for Mother’s Day.   We have a lot of state parks on the island & in western Washington… last year they started charging a parking fee of $10 on site or you can get a statewide pass for $35 for the whole year.  After years of parking for free it sucks, but they need the money to maintain the parks.  This is going to get so much use this summer it will pay for it self many times over!

Not only did I get lots of great stuff but on Sunday it was amazing May weather, low 70’s and simply beautiful out.  So we went & enjoyed some local parks, drove the scenic isle way Whidbey Island is known for & also visited one of the towns north of us.  It was just great & I even got to take some amazing pictures!

Scenic shots… these were all taken in different parts of Coupeville which is on the middle of our long island. I forgot just how much I love taking pictures!!!

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5 Responses to Enjoying our little slice of heaven…

  1. Laurie says:

    Wonderful and beautiful!

  2. ann kraeger says:

    Thank you for those beautiful pictures. My son is stationed on the island but never sends pictures. It was such a treat to see the beautiful place where he is currently living. Also you are truly blessed by your family. Enjoy them the little years go by so quickly.

  3. Nikole Stewart says:

    I’ve been following your blog a while. and I never realized we lived so close together! What beautiful photos of our gorgeous state. Happy Mothers Day fellow Washingtonian Mama!

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