365 Days of Pinterest: Day 5 ~ Scrappy Braided Necklaces!

This is just another  great thing I stumbled upon on Pinterest and wanted to share for 365 Days of Pinterest!

braided necklacePhoto from mycakies.blogspot.com

I have to say I end up with a LOT of fabric scraps and I am always looking for a quick and easy, yet USEFUL way to use them up.  When I found these scrappy braided necklaces on Pinterest I fell in love!  The best part is that even for the most uncrafty person they are easy to make and a great project for little girls!  The project is found at Cakies and she also has a similar scrappy braided headband tutorial too!

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2 Responses to 365 Days of Pinterest: Day 5 ~ Scrappy Braided Necklaces!

  1. Thomas says:

    Lovely post, you are an pinterest expert 🙂
    I sent my invite request 2 month ago, but still nothing.
    I would love an invite, if its possibile.
    Thanks, waiting for next post, and wishing a happy new year!

  2. LRO says:

    I make these also had not seen them online before, and here I thought I had something clever, though instead of sewing mine together, I add a ring to each and chain.


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