365 Days of Pinterest: Day 3 ~ Laundry Basket Station!

This is just another  great thing I stumbled upon on Pinterest and wanted to share for 365 Days of Pinterest!

Let me start out by saying when I saw this back in Sept. I fell IN LOVE.  As a mom of 4 young kids and a husband that likes to work out we go through a LOT of laundry and for years that along with the confines of a tiny laundry closet has a huge negative impact on our house.  Don’t get me wrong, we had one of those rolling 3 bin laundry centers but it would only hold 1/2 a load of each type of laundry and I am OCD about my laundry and won’t mix the colors.

Anyway long story short over Thanksgiving vacation in Nov. my dear hubby decided to build it for us :).  I have to say it is one of the best things we have done to our house!  We did modify it a bit as we already had a bunch of square baskets.  That being said I now have 6 baskets that hold 1 load each & the who family can reach them!  I have 2 for darks, 1 for light colors, 1 for whites, 1 for towels & 1 for anything that has stains.  I will say this has made things go about 900X smoother and there hasn’t been any dirty laundry on the laundry room floor in almost 6 weeks!  This by far has been the most beneficial Pinterest find of mine so far.  The friends and family who have seen it want their own and have them on their to do lists now too.

The project including pictures from readers and the full building plans can be found over at Ana-White.com.  If you or someone you know likes to work with wood this site is AMAZING!  She see’s nice practical over priced stuff in catalogs and designs plans to make it at home and shares them with her readers for free!  She includes full supplie lists and everything.

I have seen pictures where people making them only 2 high & build 4… they stick them back to back side to side and slapped a table top on top to make an awesome laundry room island… I just wish I had that much space! People have even put nice counter tops and doors on them.  Not only is it great for the laundry room, but it is a great affordable alternative to a cheap dresser or in a walk in closet and they would also be great yarn bins in a craft room!  I may ask my hubby to build a similar idea that uses dollar store bins for my craft room… that would be awesome!

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2 Responses to 365 Days of Pinterest: Day 3 ~ Laundry Basket Station!

  1. Michele says:

    I wish that I had enough space in my laundry room for something like this… it would be awesome!!

  2. LRO says:

    I absolutely LOVED this idea, it was GREAT and at the top of my to do list!


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