Life Happens!

I am sorry to have gone MIA the last few months!  With the joy of the newest addition to our family along with the sheer chaos of having 4 young kids, school ending and summer starting… topped that the 3 oldest have summer birthdays things have been running non-stop.  Honestly I took more then just a break from my blog but from the computer in general!

With the exception of checking in on Facebook on my phone occasionally I was on an internet and computer break!  I spent the time focusing on my kids and just enjoying life… I also focused on my forgotten love of baking and I am currently working on reorganizing my house with a combination of purging items as well as setting up better storage solutions.  Unfortunately my sewing room is the last on my list but I am getting there!  I have even managed to start getting back into sewing.

Anyway I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I am still here life is just happening and has slowed me down a bit for the time being, but I am looking forward to getting back here soon.

Incase you wonder Parker is just a joy and has a huge personality for such a peanut.  Here is a picture of him that I took yesterday after he found this soft blanket at Ross and just had to have it, it was the latest thing ever to see from such a little guy, who was I to tell him no? 😉



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7 Responses to Life Happens!

  1. madryy says:

    My God he is absolutely adorable!

    • Kymy says:

      Thank you!!! With think so to, but as parents, I think we always do & will no matter what, so it’s nice to hear that were not the only ones.

  2. Melissa says:

    no teeth and no hair make him a perfect little old man 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    WHAT A PICTURE!!! You can just hear the giggle about to come out of him. Never apologize for putting family first! I am a mom of four and yes “life” just takes over. My two youngest are 8 & 9 and with summer break here there just hasen’t been much time for sewing at my house either.

  4. Peta Groth says:

    Welcome back Kymy. Parker is just gorgeous.

  5. Pam Pike says:

    How adorable!!! I agree, who could possibly say no to that big ole smile..

  6. Memphis says:

    Happy baby! What a cutie.

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