Built-in Automatic Needle Threader Tutorial

Recently a lot of friends have mentioned to me that their machines have come with built in automatic needle threaders but they just can’t get them to work!  I will admit it takes a little practice, but once you figure it out you will wonder why you weren’t using it before.

So I made a quick little video while re-threading my machine today.  They don’t all look the same, but all the ones I have used so far have worked the same, the tutorial is from my Bernina.  As a warning the video quality isn’t great & I sound silly, but I think it will help a little.  When I can get someone to help me with the camera I will try to make a slightly better one (it’s a 3 hand project & I only have 2!).

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3 Responses to Built-in Automatic Needle Threader Tutorial

  1. DeniseS says:

    It took me months to get it right! I noticed that the better quality thread works best. It is sometimes hard to thread the ‘cheaper’ thread. It works the same way on my new Brother machine.

  2. Amy B. says:

    Whoa! I feel so enlightened. I had totally given up on this. Thank you!

  3. GMa Sue says:

    My goodness… my new machine, which I have only begun to really use… has this. I would never have messed with it if I hadn’t seen this! Thank you, thank you…………

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