Long time no post!

The title says it all!  It’s been over 2 weeks since I lasted posted, but I promise for good reason. First off I decided to start my pre-holiday clean-up last week which I have made good progress so far & already brought a bunch of boxes to the thrift store and still have a few rooms left to go!

I have also been up to my neck in super hero cape orders from Etsy & honestly I doubt it will let up until right before Christmas (when it’s too late to ship anything out!).  This week has consisted of orders for a total of 50 capes & cape sets alone.  Today I finished up the 1st 25 packed them into their 11 packages and sent them off to the post office and this weekend I get to finish up a party favor order for 25 more.  This is just pictures of part of them, I already had some of them packaged up to go.  The twins LOVED helping me take them all to the post office, my little helpers!

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