Day 21 ~ 3 More Dress Swap Dresses

Well I finished dress #1 a few weeks ago… with all the craziness of the super hero capes the last 3 kept getting put off but I still managed to get them done in time!  The dress swap is a bulk swap on a site I am on, everyone fills out questionnaires & then they tell you what sizes to make (I made all size 4’s)… you make 2 or 4 dresses & send them in & you receive 2-4 dresses back that other people made.  So these are the last 3 dresses I made.  The 1st blue & brown one that Baylie is wearing (Carlie has on dress #1) is the same franken pattern as the 1st dress.  The 2 owl dresses are the Miss Mary pattern from YCMT in view B.

I have to see I will be sad to see these go, especially the 1st 2. The pictures are a little silly because the twins were in a very silly mood!

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