Build The Ultimate Crafting Table!

I LOVE Ana White’s website previously know as Knock Off Wood.  She is a homemaker whole loves to build stuff with wood!  She also loves a lot of the furniture from pricey places like The Pottery Barn, but knows she can build them for so much less.  The best part?  She loves sharing her skills AND plans with everyone else.  Her site is loaded with tons of of FREE detailed plans and instructions as well has material lists and more.  I have been following her blog for almost a year now & have a list of projects for B and I to tackle at some point.

The reason I decided to share today is because a few days ago she shared a project that is a crafters dream!  She calls it the Mod Modular Office Collection Project Desk, my sewing friends and I call it The Ultimate Crafting Table!  So if you have a handy hubby, dad, uncle, friend or you are up for tackling it your self check it out.  It looks like a pretty simple project at the optimal height with great storage.

If I didn’t already have a nice big table/desk I would be making this for myself!

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2 Responses to Build The Ultimate Crafting Table!

  1. Peta says:

    I love her site, there are a couple of things we’re planning on making over the summer.
    I may have to add this table to my list.

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I am in serious need of a new craft table with storage for the kids! They have SO outgrown their little old table!

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