Sewing with my little ladies!

Though they are still a bit young to be doing massive sewing projects all of my kids are intrigued by my sewing.  The twins especially have really started to show interest in the last few months so I have been slowly getting them started.  Tonight their dad is taking them to their cousins 2nd birthday party & asked me to watch them for a few hours during the day (Sunday is one of his days).

SO I asked the twins if they wanted to make a doll blankie for their cousin as a gift & of course they both ran to my sewing room to start picking out fabric!  They picked out 2 fat quarters for the top that match pretty well & another sparkly star fabric for the back even though it doesn’t really match… it’s all star related so that’s all that matters to two three year olds!

They supervised me, reminding me not to cut my fingers off because the cutter is ‘sharpy’, as I carefully cut the 12 6.5″ squares needed.  Then the 3 of us laid out the blanket & they took turns on my lap on the sewing machine as we sewed it together.  Then they again supervised as I ironed all the seams flat (again being reminded to be careful, the iron is hot!).  When the top was done we carefully cut the back to size & a scrap piece of fleece to use instead of batting.  They then showed me where to pin as I pinned the 3 layers together.  I wasn’t going to try binding it with them on my lap so instead we turned & top stitched with a nice decorative stitch!

They are SO proud now that it is done & as I was trying to get them dressed for the party they couldn’t stop talking about it.  I am such a proud mama :).  Excuse the wonky smiles… they are at the age where they try REALLY hard to smile & it just looks odd or I end up with this…. very cute, but very silly.  Carlie is on the left & Baylie on the right!

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4 Responses to Sewing with my little ladies!

  1. Lynda says:

    Proud Mama, way to go!! The blanket sparkles on the front side too. I love that they sit on your lap at the machine. You embody the song Teach Your Children Well.

  2. This is wonderful! Your girls are so sweet.! I can’t WAIT to do the same with my daughter. Enjoy every second…, and if you have any more tips for luring daugthers into the wonderful world of sewing, please send them my way!

  3. Jessica says:

    My cute little nieces! I have already had to start doing this with Chloe and Sammi cause they get mad when they don’t get to help! We need to find a good sewing craft for them all to do together!!!!!

    • Kymy says:

      This isn’t the 1st time I have done it, Carlie made her own basic doll blankie before this is the first big project they have done. The difference is my girls are just has happy watching 😉

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