A Sweet & Timeless Dress!

This is the ‘A Trio of Toppers’ pattern from www.youcanmakethis.com. I have to say I love the finished product, but not a huge fan the actual pattern.  There was a ton of stuff that just didn’t make sense or small errors that were just getting to me while using it. This is the first shaped or clothing item I have crochet, but I am not new to reading crochet patterns! It turned out a bit on the small side so we will not be keeping it :(, this is a size 2/3 and I think it is a solid 2 length wise, width wise it is right on for a 2/3.

All & all I love the style & look, and it will be very easy to add a few rows to the top to make it a little longer and fit properly.  I think it is a great simple, yet classic dress (and top if you do the same length as the pattern) that is timeless.  It is also light & airy which will be perfect for warm & hot summer weather!  Also I was concerned that the lace like designs would show to much of their chests, but the lace part stops above anything that needs to be covered & that part that is near that area has the fabric behind it.

I think I will get way more then the $12 I paid for the pattern out of it this summer.  Make sure to check your gauge before going forward.  I crochet very tight & normally have to use a few sizes larger hook, but the gauge was right on.  My friend who is normally on gauge ended up with a top that is doing to be way to big.  When ever starting a pattern it is always important to check the gauge because ever pattern author crochets differently!

Also this uses #10 cotton crochet yarn which is cheap & you can easily dye the white different colors.  After making this I found bamboo crochet yarn at Walmart for a few dollars more but it is SO soft!!! It’s all I plan on using for the future tops & dresses.

Baylie was the one who wanted to model the other night when I got it done

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2 Responses to A Sweet & Timeless Dress!

  1. Very cute, and yes timeless beauty.

  2. Krista says:

    I already posted my love on sewing mamas but I had to comment on the bamboo yarn. I love it! LOL I am making a bitty baby dress for my DD out of it and it’s so soft and snuggly. They just need to make more colors now 🙂

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