Custom Tunic & Legging Sets!

The last few weeks have been crazy, I got so many orders for capes & a few clothing orders that I actually had to CLOSE my Etsy shop!  I got all my capes finished up & shipped out last week, so this weekend & today I finished up the 2 custom tunic & legging sets that I had orders for.

This first one is the same Miss Madeline dresses, modified to tunic tops, as I made for twins but in a size 6-12m. I literally had it 95% complete & found to small red dye spots that were oops from the print process when the fabric was made!  None the less I had to tear it half apart & was lucky I was able to fix it because I only had a small amount of fabric left.  The capri leggings are the same fitted leggings that I made for the twins but with 2 rows of ruffles added to the bottom.  It is the first time I have made leggings like these & they turned out super cute, so I plan on making more!  I also made a matching black headband, but didn’t get a picture of it.

This 2nd set was a custom order, the customer told me she really liked some of Heather Bailey’s more retro styled flower fabrics.  I couldn’t find the exact print she liked but I found this one & a coordinating fabric and really like how it turned out!  The tunic top is the same modified Miss Madeline.  The capri’s are just my fitted capri leggings.  Then I took pictures of the matching headband I made for this set!  I really like these headband & plan on making some for myself.

Well this will likely be my only post this week.  This weekend is my local twin/multiples club clothing & equipement sale.  Since the twins managed to outgrow their 2T stuff in less then 4 months plus I have all their summer clothes from last year & my son FINALLY outgrew 3T I have a ton of stuff to price, hang & pack up!

If you are in the Seattle area or know someone who is that might be interested please spread the word!

SNOMOMS Spring Clothing & Equipment Sale
Saturday April 10th 2010
Open to the PUBLIC from 8:30AM-12PM
Edmonds Community College ~ Gymnasium
20000 68th Ave W
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Payment: Cash & checks* only. (*local, non-business with ID upon request)

SNOMOMS organizes two clothing & equipment sales each year; one takes place in the spring and one takes place in the fall. A portion of all proceeds go directly to the club to help support our outreach programs and club activities. All club members can take part in selling at the sale & shopping opens to the PUBLIC at 8:30am!

Everything is extremely organized & sorted to signs to help lead the way, and all clothing is hung and sorted by size and sex. The sale has become so popular that we have secured a new location with twice the floor space! The inventory varies from sale to sale as well as the pricing because members price their own stuff.

  • Clothes & Shoes — mostly preemies to 5T but larger sizes as well!
  • Cribs, changing tables, bassinets
  • Car seats, single & double strollers (sometimes triples), toddler seats
  • High chairs, potty chairs, swings
  • Exersaucers, play gyms, carriers
  • Rattles, dolls, games, puzzles, books
  • Videos, DVDs, LOTS of toys
  • Nursery decorations, crib bedding
  • Maternity clothing, nursing equipment
  • Outdoor toys, play equipment
  • Lots of multiples targeted baby & toddler gear
  • Much, much more!

For more details, or to sign up for an email reminder, please visit the Sale page or if you have questions our Contact Us page.

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