40 Yards of Fabric = Retail Therapy!

The last week was long & crappy to be honest!  But this weekend things started to get to busy to make this a crappy week to!  Anyways after getting orders for 29 capes in the last 2 days & 1 more expected in the this morning I needed to go shopping! I sewed through 13 yards of fleece for capes alone for stash game & I was running low & out of quite a few colors.

After buying 23 yards of fleece (that’s right 23!) & 1 yard of black felt, I also got 4 yards of monkey flannel for a bedding order, 1 yard of dog tag fabric for an charity auction apron and 3 yards of linen for a dress for myself all at JoAnns with my 7 different 40% off coupons from their coupon commotion sale! The funny thing is the dress I had in my head and I described to DH when waiting to get my fabric cut…  so then we went to Old Navy we walk in & on the front display I saw a nearly IDENTICAL dress, even similar fabric!!! It was freaky, and I hadn’t even seen any of ON summer dresses yet! While I was there I did buy the kiddos some summer clothes though because they were having a good sale. I got ADORABLE ruffled white sundresses for $10 each… I can’t make them for that cheap! (well maybe since they are plan white but it would take FOREVER!)

Then I went to what I call fabric heaven , those of you in the Seattle area may have heard of Pacific Fabrics. It’s like a small specially quilt shop on a large scale!!! They have so many yummy fabrics to choose from & good selection of knits to boot. Anyways I have a lady interested in a custom & likes Heather Bailey Pop Garden, well this is the first time they have carried one of Heather Bailey’s lines so they only had the new ‘Nicey Jane’ fabrics.  Not exactly what she was looking for but I found an adorable one that I showed her & she likes.

Especially with the cute red with white polka dots that I got for the contrast band that match perfect with it! I am making one of the tunic sets I showed last month.  Finally for her order I got a cotton lycra knit to make matching red capri leggings. I LOVE the fabric combo, so bought enough to make hers and 2 for the twins… that equals 3 1/8 of quilting cottons & 1 yard of cotton lycra knit.

THEN I got to shop for the twins .   I found this amazing new fabric line that I want to own all of!!! It’s called ‘Dab of Jazz’ by Gail Fountain & produced by Maywood Studio. I LOVE both colorways of this ‘Dab of Jazz’ fabric, but the colors in the online pictures don’t do it justice!  Anyways I bought 2 yards of this larger print to make the girls Easter dresses… it’s not nearly as electric color wise in real life… the green & lighter blues especially. The dark blue is a beautiful cobalt!

I also got the 2nd one to go with it (it’s a little darker in real life the light blue matches the medium blue in the first fabric).

Then I got some white cotton lycra knit to make some more capri leggings.  They go so well with dresses, skirts & tunics… we are going to end up with many different colors this spring & summer.  Anyways between all that I ended up with another 2 5/8 yards of quilting cotton & 1 more yard of knit!  Plus when we went to target I found these adorable white dress hats for $1! I’m going to take off the pink ribbon & put a cobalt blue one on them to match.

So I may have sewn 100 yards of fabric in Feb, but I managed to buy just about 40 yards today if you count the few ends of bolts I got too!

Nothing like a little retail therapy!

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3 Responses to 40 Yards of Fabric = Retail Therapy!

  1. Peta says:

    I love fabric shopping, that’s probably why I have such a huge stash.
    The fabrics you bought are gorgeous.
    I can’t wait to see the finished products.

  2. easytoentertain says:

    the fabric for their easter dresses is so much better in real life! i think what did it for me was the large print instead of how small it looks in the computer image!

  3. Rmenda says:

    Pretty fabric !!

    I love fabric.. But my tub of fabric is so full I can no longer shut it.. and dont have anywhere else to store fabric 😦

    My closet is full of tubs of outgrown clothes for the fall consignment sale (the spring tubs are sitting in the floor waiting to be put on hangers next week).

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