Day 20 ~ Princess Miss Madeline

After making one of my niece Sami a Miss Madeline for her 1st b-day it is time to make big sister, Chloe, a princess one for her upcoming 3rd b-day!  Again the pattern is the ‘Miss Madeline‘ in sizes 6m-4 (also comes in 5-10) from YouCanMakeThis.  This time made this dress in the largest size for this one which is the 4.  I have to say again it seems a little big, but not to bad.  This time I sergered all the raw edges that would hemmed or turned into casings FIRST and I cut the band wider & ironed it into a piece like double fold bias tape instead of sewing & turning!  Also I found the band to be way to long… I cut off 3.5″ to get the 1/2″ extra on each end.  Instead of doing the fold thing at the ends I laid my piece on top of the dress & marked my seam allowance… then I opened up all my folds & sewed it together into a tube… then I folded it back together slipped the tub into place & pinned!  I did the top stitching like called just leaving a 1″ opening under the arm.

Anyways doing those 2 things differently cut the time that it took to make it nearly in HALF!

The pink on the top & on the princess dresses matches better in person.  I am happy with it & I KNOW she will love it!  I will see if I can get model shots with the twins since she won’t be getting this until June!

And that makes 57.25 yards sewn up in the last 20 days!

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