77+ Infant & Toddler Tutorials including lots of softies!


Butterfly Knot doll

Sleep Sack

Shars Newborn Fitted Diaper

Patchwork Cube

Quick Ribbon Ring Teether Toy

Baby Leg Warmers

Fifties Bib

Bib with Sleeves

Baby Blocks

Baby Rings

Basic Bib

Basic Bib 2

Taggie Blanket

Bird Mobile

Baby Ball


Soft Baby Cube

Cosy Quick Blankie

Simple Patchwork Ball

Sew a Quiet Book!

Hanging Crib Toy Bag Tutorial

Baby Taggy Ribbon Blanket

Baby Breakfast Bib Tutorial

Warm & Fuzzy Baby Blanket

Unisex Baby Clothes

Applique Baby Clothes

Simple Baby Hat

Baby Yoga Pants

Free Simple Baby Pants Baby Pattern to Sew

Bitty Booties

Cloth Baby Shoes

Soft Baby Shoes

Fleece Hats

Baby Kimono

Appliqued Onesie

Infant hat

Baby hat with feelers

Infant pants from sleeves

Preemie Knotted Hat


Debbie’s Fleece Booties

Robeez Style Crib Shoes

Dish Towel Baby Pants

Baby Girl Clothes


Infant & Toddler Legging out of shirt sleeves

Sew cute bloomers for your baby or toddler

Onesie dresses

Baby Dress/Tunic

French Baby Patterns

Japanese Baby Patterns

Toddler (Toddler clothes are included in the separate boys & girls clothing tutorials.)

Trainer Pants Tute!

My Nap Mat Tutorial – Vox

Toddler bib/smock with tutorial

Insect antennae

Reversible Toddler Bonnet/Hat

Grasshopper Hats! a.k.a. Knotty Hats

Cloth Training Pants

Softy Toys!

Emma & Emmy (Or Eddie) The Earthworm

Sock Elephant

Sock Dog

Sock Frog

Sock Monkey

Ruby Doll


Black Apple Doll


Sock Monster

Toddler Touchy Worm

Chibi Kitty and Rabbit

Felt Strawberry

Itty Bitty Oddity



Wee Bunny


Silly Girl



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5 Responses to 77+ Infant & Toddler Tutorials including lots of softies!

  1. Nancy says:

    Found your page with the help of Stumble Thank you for putting such a comprehensive list together. I’ve added your site to my favorites.

  2. Tamarah says:

    thank you soooo much for all your hard work on the tutorials… they are wonderful and can’t wait to try the baby dress tutorial…

  3. BabyMoos says:

    Thanks for all these links, you’ve been bookmarked 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    Your tutorials are awesome! Have you ever seen monkey butt pants for babies? They make it to where your baby doesn’t look like they have a huge bottom like when you cloth diaper. Do you think maybe you could look them up and make a tutorial? They sell for like $20 a pair! I’d way rather make my own but I need instruction. Lol thanks

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