78+ Kids Gift Tutorials!

Here are 68 tutorials & patterns for great gifts for kids!  I also have 10 pages of links full of doll & barbie clothes patterns!  I will probably be adding to this over time as my oldest is only 4.5 so I have just started getting into this type of stuff!

Crayon Roll

Crayon Roll 2

Colored Pencil Roll

Bath Mit

Washcloth Puppets

Notebook and Pencil Holder

Pencil Case Roll up

Kidlet – Wall Pocket Tidy Tote

Fake-plique tee shirt

Puff paint in the microwave

Fun Fleece Hats

I Spy Bag

I SPY book!

My Nap Mat Tutorial

Rocket Man

Glitter Playdough

Girl’s garden party apron

Quick apron tutorial

Water Bottle Carrier


Matching Game

Childs drawing to a rubber stamp tutorial


Cool Chunky Crayons Tutorial

Bubble Recipe

Bubble Solution Recipe

Homemade Bubbles

Cardboard-Box Oven

Little Crayon Apron Tutorial

Crayon Tote Bag Tutorial

Monster Purse!

Ban the Bobble

Bean Bag Chair

Art Case Tutorial

FELT Mr. Potato Head

Chalkboard Place Mat and Tag Tutorials

Nintendo DS Cases/Purses

Car Cozie Tutorial

Kid’s Work Aprons

Rag Quilt Letters Tutorial

Dress-up for boys & girls

Felt Birthday Crown

Wool Felt Crown Tutorial

C is for crown

Kid-Sized Tool Belt

Felt Top Hat Sewing Instructions

Kid-sized chef apron

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings Tutorial

Tulle Wand

Princess Wand

Sparkly Mermaid Tail

Fairy Wand

Cowboy Vest

Superhero Gadget

Superhero Cape

Superhero Cape 2

Felt Food

Felt Animal Cookies

Tons of Felt Food Tutorials!

Cake Chips & Sandwich Felt Food Pattern!

Felt Food Salty Crackers

Felt Food Pattern Cherry Pie

Felt Pop Tarts

Felt Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta

Felt Agnolotti Pasta

Felt Tomato Slice Tutorial

Dolls, Doll & Barbie Clothes

Wee Weka Doll

Waldorf Doll Head Directions

Fabric dollhouse tutorial

A Peasant Blouse for ANY Doll!

Free pattern that fits 18-inch vinyl dolls

Leather Belts for Tyler and Barbie

Doll Dress Patterns

Hooded Doll Blanket Tutorial

* Barbie and Baby doll clothes patterns *

Free doll clothes patterns to fit your fashion Barbie dolls

Free Patterns for Barbie Dolls

Free sewing patterns for fashion dolls

Free printable dress pattern for Barbie new body with belly button!  “modelmuse” gown

Free Barbie Gown Patterns

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4 Responses to 78+ Kids Gift Tutorials!

  1. Su says:

    uh… you’re pretty awesome to put these links together!

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for the link!

  3. Susan says:

    This is a great list. Thank you!

  4. Awesome list of links! I’m planning on teaching myself to sew soon by making some clothes for Barbies, so I’m on the hunt for patterns until I can learn to make my own. Thanks for this list!

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