Handmade Holidays 2009!

Though I do still buy some gifts retails I am also making it my goal to make more handmade gifts as well!  Seeing that today is Dec. 1st I thought it was appropriate to do what I did last year & go through my hundreds & hundreds of bookmarks and organize them so I could start using them!  SO over the next few weeks I will be posting once every day or two lists of bookmarked patterns & tutorials that I have saved over the past year along with the ones I shared last year!  I will also being linking the blog posts to my tutorial page so they are easy for you to find in the future!  So get ready… 2 weeks & 1000+ free projects to check out!  The plus is for 2 reasons… some links have multiple projects, and as I started clicking on links to see what the were (some are a few years old) I started finding MORE links!  Here is a run down of the schedule for the next 16 days:

Dec. 1st posting 169+ Bags, Purses, Pouches & Backpack Tutorials
Dec. 2nd posting  78+ Kids Gift Tutorials!
Dec. 3rd posting  80+ Girls Clothing Tutorials
Dec. 4th posting  20+ Boys Clothes Tutorials
Dec. 5th posting  43+ Maternity, Nursing, & Expecting/New Mom Tutorials
Dec. 6th posting 77+ Infant & Toddler Tutorials including lots of softies!
Dec. 7th posting 36+ Tutorials for MEN & Women!
Dec. 8th posting 36+ Tutorials for Women!
Dec. 9th posting 47+ Womens & Juniors Clothing Tutorials
Dec. 10th posting 98+ Apron Tutorials
Dec. 11th posting 84+ Tutorials For The Home
Dec. 12th posting Quilts & Quilting Tutorials
Dec. 13th posting Crochet Patterns
Dec. 14th posting Techniques, Modifications & Alterations!
Dec. 15th posting Sites for free patterns & tutorials
Dec. 16th posting Edible Gifts (Like jar mixes)
Dec. 17th posting Soaps & Homemade Cleaners

Wanna share the love?  I made up a little button that you can share on your blog! Just copy & paste the text below the picture to share!

<a href=”http://everythingyourmamamade.com/its-all-about-the-free-tutorials/”&gt;
<img src=”https://theeverydaymama.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/buttonsm.jpg&#8221; /></a>

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1 Response to Handmade Holidays 2009!

  1. I’ve just started trying to organise my bookmarks too, on delicious.com, because my browser bookmarks have no sense of order at all! At least with delicious.com I can tag things under multiple labels, so if I can’t remember specifically what it is, I SHOULD be able to find it.

    Looking forward to adding many many more bookmarks now ;D

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