What a wonderful surprise!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately… between finishing the last bunch of cape orders, getting ready & then participating in the SNOMOMS sale, organizing team events for the Sewing Mamas on Etsy team and now getting a bunch MORE cape orders… life has been a little crazy to say the least!

Anyways amidst all of the chaos I heard a knock on the door this morning… apparently B forgot to tell me that one of his awesome coworkers was going through her fabric stash & would be dropping some off!  When I looked out the window I saw Louise holding a box & I thought I saw fabric… which had me a little confused to say the least.  Well when I opened the door she told me what she had done & mentioned she thought I might be able to use it.

Of course I can :).  There are lots of great kids prints… I haven’t measured, but I know there is probably at LEAST 50+ yards.  I pulled everything out to take some pics to share, now I am having a hard time putting it away so I can finish all my cape orders!!!!

There are a few pieces that I plan on sending to B’s mom because they are more her style, but I can’t wait to make the kids some stuff for Christmas with all of it.  When the kids get up from their naps we are gonna make some awesome thank you cards :).

Everything laid out…

Then some closer pics…

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2 Responses to What a wonderful surprise!

  1. Kayce says:

    Wow! Score! At first, I thought you were making a quilt with all the bright colors. Isn’t it nice to have a day like Christmas on an ordinary day??? Without all the stress that leads up to it!

    Yay for fabric!

  2. Su says:

    Isn’t that just lovely???
    I’ve been getting some fabrics from friends too – aren’t people generous?
    But I must say, that is a GREAT pile you’ve just received!

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