My Little ‘Punkins’

So the night before the harvest festival I decided the twins needed pumpkin dresses to wear the next day… well after finishing them at 1am & trying them on in the morning I decided they would make cuter tops, & they did!  Anyways the girls LOVED them.  They ran around all day saying ‘I mamas little punkin!’.

I used a decorative stitch to sew all the lines on the fleece to make it look more pumpkin like.  I love the ribbon I got to make the bow… it has the leaf effect but is cuter Smiley It is actually wired which worked well to help keep its shape a little bit better.  They took maybe 20 minutes total to make & that includes when I first made them into a dress.  The finished tops also only used 1/4 of a yard of fleece.

And I actually managed to get both of them in the same frame!!!!  This doesn’t happen often & I think makes people wonder sometimes if there are actually 2 of them.

Baylie Ann

Carlie Paige

After a grumpy start to the day time to kiss & make up! For once Baylie was the one doing the kissing, and Carlie wasn’t really in the mood. (normally it’s the other way around!)

Baylie & Zander giving gross ‘Bubble Kisses’. It’s gross cause they make spit bubbles & then give each other a kiss, but I had to get a pic.

This is what happens when you try to get 5 kids 4 & under… with 3 being 2, to try & take a picture! From left to right: Baylie, Zander, Carlie, Cousin Sami & Cousin Chloe.

Are we done yet? They did get bored as you can tell by looking at Carlie! The twins hijacked Sami & Chloes stroller… the one their dad bought & never used so he sold it to their aunt for their cousins… I wonder if he ever TRIED using it? They love it.

My silly goose Zander!

Fine, you want a picture mom, I’ll pose for you… CHEESEEEEE! My little Baylie!

Watching the wind carry away some bubbles…

Patiently waiting for more bubbles!

What 2 year olds don’t love bubbles on a sunny day?

Time to play some baseball with B’s mom. We need to get a 3rd bat for their house, 2 bats & 3 kids just doesn’t work!

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2 Responses to My Little ‘Punkins’

  1. Su says:

    That is so cute! Great job on the “pumpkins” 🙂

  2. dreamingmama says:

    Please give detail on how to do these….they are way adorable and I think my daughter NEEDS (okay, I want) one for her. She’ 2 as well. Any help would be much appreciated!

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