Christmas Catalogs Already!

I actually ment to post about this nearly a week ago when the first one arrived.  That’s right, I got my first Christmas catalog (or holiday2009 as they are labeled!) on September 30th!  It was the Holiday 2009 Chasing Fireflies catalog & was filled with lots of yummy & festive stuff!!!

I can honestly say I am pretty sure that is the earliest I have gotten a Christmas catalog in the mail!  Then today I got 2 more… the Hanna Andersson & Oriental Trading Company Business Edition Holiday 2009 catalogs.

On one hand it is kind of depressing to be getting these a month before HALLOWEEN, but  at the same time it gets me in the mood to sew & shop!  The best way to save money & get good deals is to start planning now!

Anyways I just felt like sharing :).  Happy browsing to anyone else who has already started to get them!

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1 Response to Christmas Catalogs Already!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I can beat that. I got my October issue of one magazine in August. I mean, seriously? Is that necessary?

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