Time For School!

Zander started 3 day a week Pre-K a few weeks ago. He did the 2 day a week 3/4 class last year, as well as 2 weeks of day camp this summer, so he was just excited to get back! Of course on his first day I got a few AWESOME pics of him & his little girly friend Sophia, but my camera was on the wrong setting & they ended up totally whited out! Anyways I did snap a picture when I picked him up later that day. I can’t believe my baby boy will be in KINDERGARTEN next year, I am SOOO not ready for that!

Then today was the twins very 1st day of school! They have been excited about it the last few weeks. So much that I can’t take them with me to drop-off/pick-up Zander because they throw a fit about wanting to stay at school! Anyways they are in the 2-year-old program that Zander’s school offers & it is at the same time as one of Zander’s so mommy can have a little mommy time :). Anyways I made them some cute little skirts a few weeks back & they were VERY excited to wear them to school & show everyone.

They had a good day, loved playing with all the other kids & enjoyed participating in all the activities. The funny thing is watching the teachers try to tell them apart. Even by putting different color hair ties in their hair… they couldn’t remember who was wearing which color! In a few weeks I am sure it will be a lot easier. They cheated for today… they made name tags for all the 2 year olds & stuck them on the back of their shirts so they could see them & the kids didn’t pull them off. The girls wanted nothing to do with me, so they aren’t the best picture, but it’s what I’ve got! All 3 kiddos going to school! Baylie has the green hair tie & Carlie has the red. They wanted me & the camera out of their way!

Carlie & Baylie testing out the toys in the new classroom…


Carlie making a new friend & they are both actually listening to the teacher!

Baylie was the first of the bunch to get her name tag… she didn’t even realize what the teacher had done until we got home from the store!

Carlie saw the teacher put one on Baylie & went up with her back to the teacher & asked for hers!

Going home after a long 2 hour 1st day of school!

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  1. Jessica says:

    omg my nieces are so adorable!!!!!!!!

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