1st Day of School Skirts…

Since Zander hasn’t grown much in the last year his ABCD shirt still fits him & he said he wants to wear it for the first day.  He went to the 3 yr old program last year but this year he is in Pre-K!  But my little baby girls are going to be starting school this year too!  Zander’s preschool offers a 2 yr old program that is just one day a week & I signed the twins up.  I think if I just had one 2 yr old I may not bother, but I think it will be good for the twins to learn how to behave at school before they go next year for the more structured learning!

Anyways I know it’s not ‘real’ school, but it’s the first time they have gone anywhere with out family!!!  So I threw together these little skirts.  They look much cuter on, the only thing that bugs me is that in order to get both skirts & waist bands cut out I had to cut 2 pieces & sew them together so the rulers/stripes are totally different on the front & back so you can see it on the side seams!

Most people probably won’t even notice & the girls could care less… it’s just little things like that, that can drive me nuts!

I will have to get model shots later… they tried them on last night with these cute red shirts I got from Baby Go Retro, but then they had a snack & got them dirty, so they are in the wash now!

They each used 1 yard of fabric total (the ruffle is doubled over).  I was finally able to get my 201 uncovered & get my ruffler foot out… I am SO in love!

SM SG Points Per Skirt…
Yardage = 1 = 8 pts
Notions = Elastic, size tag & label = 3 pts
Total = 11 pts each

Total = 22 pts

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2 Responses to 1st Day of School Skirts…

  1. Linda says:

    Was this a pattern? How did yo do the ruffle? Very cute.

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