Baby Gifts!

I missed my cousins baby shower last month, so I called my aunt to find out what she still needed (young single first time mom).  Anyways I found out she is going in to have a c-section tomorrow cause her daughter is just as stubborn as she is & they can’t get her to turn!  Anyways I had already planned on the blanket, but I made a bassinet sheet for her to try because they have had a hard time finding them (it is one of the larger convertible ones).  So I had my aunt get me the measurements & I whipped one up from some super soft flannel!  The blanket has flannel on one side & minky on the other :).  I made it longer & skinner then most that way it can easily tuck in the car seat with out the extra bulk & hanging fabric since my cousin uses the public bus for transportation.   Plus its the perfect shape/size for laying on couches & stuff when you are out visiting people & need to change diapers or don’t want little ones spitting up on their couch!

Enough said a quick shot, I will try to get one of the little one testing it out tomorrow :).

And I wanted to share the new stamp I got for my no-itch twill tape tags :).

SM SG points…

Bassinett Sheet
Yardage = 1/2 = 4pts
Notions = Tag, Elastic = 2pts
Total = 6pts

Baby Blanket
Yardage = 1 = 8pts
Notions = Tag = 1pts
Total = 9pts

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4 Responses to Baby Gifts!

  1. chimpsgomoo says:

    Very cute, I like the blue one on top. I don’t understand what the pts are for though?

  2. Becky says:

    Cute blankets! My latest favorite gift to give someone after having a baby is a book titled, “Dear Baby, What I love about you!” by Carol Casey. The book has a very unique baby yearbook feature that makes it a great keepsake of memories. These blankets would be a great add to the gift. I am so glad that I stumbled across this site- thanks!

  3. Erica says:

    Very cool and soft blanket for baby are good and these types of blankets would me more comfortable for the baby’s.

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