6 1/4 yards of lace = 5 more pairs of panties!

So last night I finally got around to trying out the Jalie 2568 pattern that I bought a while back.  Well I made 1 pair of the Brazilian Hipsters out of black lace & love them!  This afternoon I decided the one pair look lonely, so I made 5 more to go with it!  I spent 45 minutes total making the 5 pairs.  I did have to modify the pattern a little because my white lace was 5.75″ & my red 5.5″ not the 6″ that it needs.  Anyways it worked out great!  I managed to use up half of the 15 yards of stretch lace that I bought (bought that much to get free shipping).  Not to bad!  And the best part is they were only $2.18 a pair!


Yardage = 1.25 = 10pts
Scraps = 1 = 1pts
Total = 11 pts

X5 more pairs = 55pts

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3 Responses to 6 1/4 yards of lace = 5 more pairs of panties!

  1. Allison says:

    I love those! My husband says I should make some too 😉 Where did you purchase the lace from?

  2. chimpsgomoo says:

    Wow that’s great, and they are so cute too!

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