Car’s Twin Size Bedding

After not sleeping great last night I was looking forward to sewing while the kids are at their dads house.  In an hour I was able to whip up the matching pillowcase & twin size sheet to the curtains I posted in the wee hours of the morning 🙂 (I cut everything out last night).  I plan on doing a tutorial for the sheet soon since it is similar to my toddler sheet.  He already has a nice cars comforter his dad got him, but of course the picture with all him ‘sleeping’ in his bed didn’t turn out & I didn’t realize it until I got home!

I would have preferred to do it with all one print, but like I said in my other post, it was originally meant to be 2 sets of toddler sheets & pillowcases!  Anyways I made the sheet on my own with out any pattern (it fits slim & deep mattresses AND those with toppers 🙂 ), not cost effective unless you use a larger size sheet or getting the fabric cheap because it uses 4.5 yards, but it’s nice to have the freedom to choose!  I used this tutorial for the pillowcase… Vanilla Joy Pillowcase Tutorial

More SG stuff…

Points… Pillowcase
Yardage = 1.5 = 12pts

Points… Twin Sheet
Yardage = 4.5 = 36pts
Notions = Elastic = 1pts
Total = 37 pts

Twin Size Car’s Bedroom Set = 69 pts

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