Thrift Store Score!

A few months back I stopped in at one of the small local thrift stores on half off day.  They know I am always looking for fabric & took me back to show me a massive amount they had just got it (at least 3 black trash bags full!)  Anyways I filled a box for them to measure & I would come back later & get it.  WELL they decided they just wanted it out of there & told me $30 for the box :).

Fast forward 3 months… this box of fabric has been sitting in my hall closet waiting to be folded & put away in my new sewing room.  Well tonight I finally got to do it!  I didn’t realize quite how much fabric was in there.  Normally their fabric is only $1 a yard… so .50 a yard on half off days.  Well I ended up with 80.25 yards of fabric!!!  It worked out to .42 a yard after tax.

Anyways not only was it cheap, but most of it is quality stuff including fabric from Hawaii & Alexander Henry stuff.  Nothing was super new, but it’s still awesome.  A break down of what I got:

17 yds Shirting/Dress Fabric (not sure of it’s name, but it feels like the nice slinky Hawaiian shirts!)

4.5 yds Hawaiian Linen

3 yds White Eyelet

3.5 yds Micro Suede

10 yds Non-Slip footie stuff for Pj’s

18.5 yds Knits (mostly prints)

23.75 Wovens

Here’s a picture of most of it fabric folded… about 10 yards worth is in the washer right now to try & get some spots out.  But otherwise it was all in great unwashed condition! Plus a bunch of fat quarter & 1/4 yd cuts too that I didn’t take a picture of.


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2 Responses to Thrift Store Score!

  1. Eve says:

    OHHHH Thrift store finds like this make me all happy inside! lol

    That’s awesome!!!!

  2. mom2fur says:

    Wow! I wish my thrift store carried fabric, let alone a haul like you got! Congrats on finding such an awesome deal!

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