Toddler Tinkerbell Hospital Gown

About 2 hrs ago it really set in that I am taking Baylie to Children’s Hospital in Seattle for her 1st laser treatment for her large port wine stain on her back  very early tomorrow morning. Well being the mama I am I decided I MUST sew up a Tinkerbell hospital gown for my little princess!

I didn’t use a pattern & just winged it… every step of the way I was amazed that it was working with out issue!!!  The only problem was I could find everything BUT velcro… though I think the twill tape bows are cute anyways!  I may have to try making  dress like this because I absolutely adore it!  The sleeves & back are open with just 1 tie in each spot to hold it closed… I planned on doing a couple pieces of Velcro on each sleeve & down the back, but it’s just about midnight & I have to get up at 5am, so 3 ties will work!  Plus she wears a diaper & loves being nude so modesty isn’t an issue!  The cool thing is it would fit most 2-4 yr olds.    Sorry the pics suck… I haven’t hung a hook in my new sewing room yet!  Plus I am using my 50mm portrait lens that doesn’t like my small room.






I may try making up a few of these & listing them in my Etsy store because it give a yucky day just a little better for a little princess!

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9 Responses to Toddler Tinkerbell Hospital Gown

  1. Sivje says:

    Kymy, this is adorable! You are such a sweet mama. I am praying that your little Tinkerbell doesn’t stress out during her treatment and that you see positive results quickly.

  2. Heather says:

    That is super cute!

  3. Cisa says:

    Absolutely darling! Good luck to your little one. I’m sure Tinkerbell will make her feel good

  4. Please let me know how much they cost. My little boy goes in for surgery on the 25th of August. I guess it doesn’t really matter though if you only make them for little princess’ and not little princes:)

    • Kymy says:

      I can totally make a boy one with boy fabric & without all the gathering! I need to know the size range (2-4 or 6-8) and what kind of fabric you are interested in to figure out a price. I sent you an email!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Kymy, I found this link through craftster I love your little gowns they are adorable you could probably sell them at childrens hospitals no problem, the kids parents would eat them up. I know I would my son was in the hospital for four days when he was little and his jammies (hospital gowns) were sad and nasty I totally would have bought something like this at the gift shop if they had them. By the way your Sewing Mamas link on the side is not working it is missing the (.) after the www. just thought I would let you know.

  6. Erin says:

    This would be a great thing to do for a charity sewing group, if you could get a pattern together for a few different sizes, we could make child friendly hospital gowns for hospitals to give to children who end up there. (I remember a local church knits hats for infants at my local hospital and it was so lovely to pick one out when my son was born.)

    Do you think you could come up with a PDF for that purpose?

  7. Amelie-Anne Gauthier says:

    My son is reving up for yet another heart surgery and i’d like to make a couple of easy access gowns for him. Do you have any pattern for this one? I know you said you just went for it, but I am such a debutante with my machine…perhaps some guidance? Do you have any on Etsy?

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