Crayon Rolls!

I got some sewing done in my new sewing room today 🙂  All that is currently in it is lots of empty furniture & my machines, but it works!  Not only did I finish my curtains (you will have to wait for pics until the room is finished) but I also made 3 crayon rolls!  These ones I plan on taking to the farmers market this week, but I plan on making lots more for gifts and maybe even some for my Etsy shop!

Anyways time to watch a movie B, I have some sewing to do for preemie baby that is in the NICU, so I will probably have more projects & pictures to share soon!





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4 Responses to Crayon Rolls!

  1. Jessica says:

    those are perfect! now bring a bunch to the market!!!

  2. Angi says:

    Hey Kymy, I’ve researched crayon rolls but I think I like your simple ones the best so far. Can you tell me where you found this one?

    • Kymy says:

      There used to be a similar tutorial someplace, but when I went to look for it the blog is gone. Plus most hold odd amounts of crayons like 11, 15 & 19! I made mine with 12 so I can split up the 24 packs of crayons that go on sale all the time for school!

  3. Lotta says:

    These are sooo cute, and so practical as well! Think I’ll make some from some fleece scraps! That is so nice and soft and easy to wash. Fleece often is difficult to mark for sewing, so crayons will probably not stain it too quickly either, I think. I’ll choose a dark color too. Maybe it would be neat to make a cute little fleece applique on the outside? It would be neat to use grosgrain ribbon scraps for one too!

    I already made a neat sewing table caddy from grosgrain ribbons and it worked super well for that (most of the ribbon I had, were the thicker belting type, and for the fabric scraps can/bin the stiffness was a real advantage, even if I did add some steel wire at the top to make it nice and round). Made lots of pockets and a “hang band” outside the pockets of the caddy too, for scissors (all 3 I use plus the thread snipper), thread ripper, tweezers etc. On top I made a pincushion. It is huge (and quite heavy since it’s supposed to hold several heavy scissors that are hanging down off the table side). The pin cushion is rice filled (with a layer of batting on top), with a an extra batting filled grosgrain ribbon strip in the middle to hold sewing needles, keeping them nicely separated from the pins (I push the needles through it horisontally, which works real well and it is easy to see the length of each in order to pick the right one for a certain task). The sewing needle strip also divides the pin cushion in two. I have ordinary pins on one side and long flower pins on the other (my quilting pins which I use most of the time for sewing clothes, sits on a bracelet pin cushion which hangs attached to the “hangband” (using the bracelet velcro) on the caddy, so these are easily available while working at the sewing table or while doing draping on the dress form (then it of course sits on my wrist). I used ordinary seam binding around the edges of the caddy to give it a nice finish (around the rectangular piece which is under the pin cushion on the table top and hangs down off the table side (the part with the pockets and hangband) and around the top of the scraps can/bin, where it is also used to hold the steel wire). The part with the pockets also has a large button, where the bin for scraps etc. attaches to it. With the button, it is easy to remove the bin to empty it into the trash can. To sew the grosgrain strips together in order to make larger “fabric pieces”, I used my adjustable blind hem foot for my sewing machine, it really made it much easier to sew the strips together nicely, making an even and flat piece of “fabric”. My caddy is a combination of the best features I saw on people’s caddies (online and in my sewing class) and it has features somebody told me that they missed having on theirs. I just love mine, wouldn’t want to be without it, that is for sure! 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing these great crayon rolls! 🙂

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