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I recently got another redemption check in the mail & decided I should blog about it again :).  For about 6 months I took a break from the survey’s because I was so busy, but I have recently started filling them out again & have started getting more as well as being able to test more products!  Though I can’t give any details on the products I can say in the last few months I have gotten a men’s razor with disposable blades &  full bottle of fabric softener… plus I have a box of one of my favorite hair dye’s that is ‘new & improved’ on the way to try as well!  Not only that but just yesterday I got a survey invite for toddler products & the ’30 minute’ survey only took me 15 minutes & I got 300 points for it which is $3!  Take it most of the surveys are a little less, but it’s nice when the big ones get thrown in!  I just got a $10 check & I am less then 200 points from another one.   The italic text below is all the info from my original post from last year… yes I am a little lazy, but it has everything in it already!   Since I joined I have now earned $278.35 & redeemed $270 of it!  At least $60 of it was in the last year, & I didn’t take any survey’s for a decent portion of that… not to bad if I do say so myself :).  It is by no means a way to support a family, but it’s nice pocket money here & there, but I really like getting to try the new products!  The hardest thing is that a lot of it is in development… so they may or may not actually make it to market… which SUCKS when you fall in love with a product!

“I have shared this with many of my close friends in the past & figured I should blog about it!!! I LOVE this site. It’s the only survey site I have found that is actually worth your time here & there. I have received over $170 in cash in the last 2 years for them, & believe me I am lazy about it. If you take the time to do it a little more often you can get way more.

You can also sign-up to get mail surveys (I didn’t not find an increase in junk mail) I have also gotten full size sample products to try… including full sticks of deodorant, 2 full boxes of laundry soap, 2 bottles of name brand baby wash, name brand baby wipes & my favorite yet, a full package of name brand diapers!!!! Most screening surveys take about a minute or less & you get .10 (10 points). If you qualify for the bigger survey the average I see is .75 to $1.30 (75-130 points) They do have some that are more. Each point rolls over to be 1 penny. Once you have 1000+ points you can get your $10+ check via the mail.

I have actually belonged to my survey for nearly 5 years… but didn’t really do anything until a few years ago. They are very trust worthy & have been doing consumer research surveys for over 50 years.

Also unlike most of the other surveys they don’t drown your email with spam!!!! I get a newsletter once a month… & a survey invite once a month generally if I have done any lately or not… the more I do the more I seem to get… some weeks I will get 5-7 or more. If you don’t want to you don’t have to do any of them! Also there estimator ‘do you have 30 minutes to complete another survey for 90 points’ is just that… with DSL I find that the ‘30-45 minute’ ones take 10-20. Anyways here’s the link if anyone is interested!

My Survey”

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  1. Cisa says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I’ve been interested in starting to do something like this and it’s so good to know this website is worth the time. I have submitted my registration and would like to be able to note that I was referred by you. If you could, please email me your name and email address so that you get proper credit. Thanks again for the great link and info

  2. Me says:

    I am a member of and I haven’t received a survey invite in almost a year! I had accumulated 17,000 and then NOTHING. I’ve had 465 points pending for almost a year now. I’ve emailed and asked what happened to all the surveys and received a reply that some months are slow (basically.) That was a couple of months ago. Still nothing. So I find it hard to believe that anyone has made $270 in the past year!

    • Kymy says:

      I didn’t say $270 in the past year, I said that’s how much I have made TOTAL, I said at least $60 of it was in the last year. They do slow down at times & a lot of it just depends on what kind of survey’s they are getting… if you don’t fit the profile you may not get many for a while. I go through spurts with very little (once every few months) and then I will have a couple weeks where I get them daily. Lately it has been a lot of baby/toddler surveys & hygiene/beauty stuff. For a while it was mostly travel & car stuff & most of them I didn’t qualify for more then the 10 point screening survey. But I do find if I start getting them & start taking them they do start coming a little more often until I stop taking the time to fill them out. I would suggest making sure your profile is up to date since that it what they use to choose who to send what types of surveys too.

  3. foo says:

    I’ve been having issues with their support lately – I keep getting rote answers back and the person answering obviously never bothered to actually read and *comprehend* my issue. I’ve got 300+ points at stake in a lengthy survey that just gave me an impossible question to answer (“Enter a price you’d pay for this, less than $0.01 but more than $0.00, and only two decimal points allowed” – Um?!?!). The support has been completely worthless, and I’m now out half an hour of my time and those 300 points. This is the third time this has happened to me in 2 years using, so just be warned, don’t depend on their support for an issue!

    • Kymy says:

      I had never had any issues the lead to me trying to contact their support… so that is good to know for future reference just in case.

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