Amelia’s Dress Pattern Tester…

I was very excited to be picked by Dawn of Olabelhe as a pattern tester for her Amelia’s Dress.  The pattern isn’t quite done yet (it was just sent out for testing yesterday!) so I will do an actual review later when she has finished it.  But I can say I LOVE it!!!  I actually didn’t think I would love it quite as much as I do.

Anyways I think it is a great adorable classic dress with a twist like the other patterns she offers.  After getting it nearly finished I realized there are a LOT of ways to make/wear it.   I choose dressy buttons for it, and after sewing them on I realized that the back is just as cute as the front, so it can be worn both ways!  Also after finished the hem of the first dress for Baylie I realized I like it just as much if not more with out the bubble style hem… which means 2 more looks out of the same pattern!!!  I took pictures of all the different things I am talking about in the photo slideshow on my half toddler.  They aren’t good pictures, but they show you what I am talking about!

I finished these last night so I was VERY excited to try them on 2 clean little girls this morning.  While putting the one with the bubble style hem on Baylie I realized that with a small alteration of the hem yet again it can make a super cute bubble tunic that once again can be worn 2 different ways!  I also look forward to making more with contrasting ties instead of all of the same fabric.

Enough chat… time for the good stuff!  They were made from 3 torn up curtain panels I got for free, they were just a Beatrix Potter quilting cotton… I had to cut around a lot of rips, but I thought that they would look really great in some sort of floral and this was the only thing I had enough of!  The elastic was scrap I had laying around and the buttons were $1.60 for both dresses… so they cost me $0.80 each & took about 3 hrs to make both & they will go together faster in the future.

Carlie was NOT in the mood for pics… & Baylie did not want to stay still but luckily I took enough pics that I was able to photoshop the lighting, in the end they are pretty cute. If only I could get a picture of BOTH the girls in the same shot!

Baylie in the dress like the cover… bubble style hem…




Carlie in the dress with a normal hem instead…





Of course we can’t forget big brother, he likes having his picture taken too!



Finally the mannequin pictures that I promised… they aren’t great but show lots of different possibilities!


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5 Responses to Amelia’s Dress Pattern Tester…

  1. Dawn says:

    Kymy! The girls look absolutely adorable! I am so thrilled that you loved the pattern and that you showed it off in both versions. Great job Mama!

  2. marky says:

    I LOVE this pattern!! When will it be available…and how do I get it??


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