A Patriotic Dress For Chloe

So I had a local lady interested in a custom order… since the supplies were inexpensive & she wore the same size as my niece Chloe I just went ahead & got the stuff for it even though her order wasn’t final yet.  Well she decided to pass so instead I made the sweet dress up for my niece Chloe!

To start off I am generally not a fan of t-shirt dresses, they are wide & boxy which doesn’t look great on my skinny kiddos, but then I got an idea to do the ribbon accent… it breaks it up a bit & allows it to be tied.  The shirt I used/dress size is a 3T, but because of how I made it fits my 2t twins quite well too!

Anyways I made it all on my serger because my sewing machine had to go in to be fixed, & then I top stitched the hem & put the ribbon on at my soon to be in-laws.  Constructing the dress probably took less then 30 minutes?  & another 5 to top stitch everything?

I would love to make some for the girls with a better quality t-shirt, or one that is a cotton lycra blend.  Anyways enough chit chat, time for pictures!

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2 Responses to A Patriotic Dress For Chloe

  1. Jessica says:

    lol, my smiley little who from whoville. she LOVES when mommy needs to take pictures of her modeling stuff, just this morning she got herself all excited thinking that I was going to take a picture of her!!!

  2. Peta says:

    That is just adorable and has given me a great idea to use up some t shirts I was given that have some marks on the bottom. Well done Kymy.

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