AWESOME $10 Wedding Dress Video Tutorial

So this morning I skimmed over my iGoogle page that I have set up as my blog reader & a head line from Treadbanger caught my eye ‘$10 Wedding Dress’.  I already have my heart set on a dress, but I still had to look.   All I can say is am I glad I did!

Not only would it make a great wedding dress, but with options to shorten the length & dyeing it could make anything from a super cute top to a fun summer dress or when dyed the perfect formal dress!

I actually have a large pink jersey sheet that I am going to try this with in the next few days & I promise to share pics & info on how to do it with a sheet instead.

Anyways enough chat, the video!

Thread Banger $10 Wedding Dress Video Tutorial

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3 Responses to AWESOME $10 Wedding Dress Video Tutorial

  1. Karen says:

    cool dress! i guess you would need a slip or something underneath.

    I love the vogue dress you picked! 🙂


    • Kymy says:

      Well I plan on making a tunic of sun dress out of a slightly thicker sheet (they used thin mens undershirts) that is a darker color, so hopefully it won’t be so see through!

  2. April says:

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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