Making progess on my quilt!

Well with the girls birthday & party last week my quilt got put on the back burner, but last night & this morning I got all caught up!  I cut all 12 1 yard cuts of fabric into 2.5″ strips!  I wish my Olfa mad wasn’t buried because after using a good mat the friskers one is a pain!    If I decide I like quilting I will need to invest in a better rotary as well.  It only took a few hours of work which wasn’t to bad.  Now I have all 168 strips ready to go & waiting for me to sew them together.

Since I bought at least 8 different brands/qualities of fabric I had to prewash them & I am glad I did!  Some shrunk down so that all I had left was a little fuzz on each end!  While a couple still had close to an inch.  Anyways this is what I have left of my 12 yards of fabric after cutting all 168 strips… lets just say, not much room for error!

Then there are all the pretty strips!!!  Now to come up with 28 different color combos/orders so that I have the biggest variety possible.

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