We have hummingbirds!

Long story short last year we planted a nice garden with lots of hummer favorites, got some hummingbird feeders and bought the good pre-made food… end result… I changed a feeders every 2-3 days & nothing ate out of them!  WELL apparently one of them got left up over the winter & yesterday I heard a buzz by my ear & a hummer was eating out of it!  The must have been eating out of it for a few days because there was a decent amount gone so I hurried & took it in side.  I hope they don’t get sick, because I know it’s extremely important that it is fresh!!!!

Anyways I sanitized it, made some fresh food the way my grandma does (1 part white sugar to 4 parts distilled water or fresh boiled water) & once it finishes cooling off I’m gonna put it back out & hopefully they will keep coming back.  The flowers aren’t even blooming yet so it really caught me off guard, I just figured since none of the neighbors had feeders out maybe we just didn’t get many of them!  Now I need to find our other feeders!

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2 Responses to We have hummingbirds!

  1. bluebird09 says:

    I think it is a liitle early for hummingbirds to arrive.Probably June is best for me. Nice to have them come early.

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