Shoe Heaven :)

A few of you asked what the comment on twitter about shoe heaven was… so I got around to taking pictures to share!  The gist of it is I walked into the thrift store last week after having a crummy morning to find a big pile of gorgeous, new, designer shoes that just so happened nearly all be my size :).  Seriously it was all I could think about that day!  They are all nice fancy and super cute.  But they can be worn with a nice dress or with a cute jean.  Anyways they retail from $80-$60 new & were marked between $20-$30 a pair because they were new in their boxes.  Seriously I scuffed the bottoms more just trying them on then they were when I opened the box.  Well not only was I in shoe heaven as it was, but it was 50% off day!!! So I only paid $10-$15 a pair.  Its crazy to think that the lady dropped twice what I paid for 5 pairs on just ONE!

It will take some practice to learn to walk in tall heels again, but like they say, shoes are a girls best friend!  Just walking around in them made me feel better :).

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3 Responses to Shoe Heaven :)

  1. Kayce says:

    Those are super cute! What a great find… although, I don’t think I could wear this with two kids running round feet – let alone your three little ones! Hey, at the very least you could always get twice your money on Ebay, right? Awesome find!

  2. easytoentertain says:

    these are so much prettier on your feet…wink wink…

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