The Sweetest Man Ever!

I was too excited to post yesterday because I wasn’t told about it until late, but wanted to share tonight!  I don’t know if I have mentioned it here, but B had plans drawn up to put an addition on the house.  Well after a few months of fighting with the county things have really progressed.  For those of you that follow me on twitter I am sure you have seen some of the pictures.  For those of you who haven’t here’s one from a few days ago…

See those 2 windows in the front?  Those are to his & her’s office’s… aka I’m getting a sewing room!  Anyways I took this picture when I left to volunteer at the thrift store yesterday.  When I got home there were actually walls to the offices.   When I got in the house I mentioned how cool it was to see those walls up & B let me know that they actually had to move them.

Apparently the plans had a typo on a few numbers (they had to be changed a few times)… thus leaving the sewing room that should have been 10ft wide barely 9ft.  When marking the walls on the floor the AWESOME contractor noticed the error & that it seemed a little small as he has seen my current sewing space (he is a good friend who has a mom that sews).  Anyways he & B took the time to go in the house & look at my sewing room & discuss what I had, what I needed & where stuff would go (that’s right, B understands how much of a mess I need to make to get stuff done! lol).   They even decided that I will have an entire 11ft long wall of floor to ceiling shelving for my fabric & supplies!

After all of that they went back the floor markings & he decided to make his office 1 ft narrower so that I could have a functioning sewing room!!!  That alone for most is amazingly sweet, but it’s not just his home office, he WORKS from home and will be spending 50+ hrs a week in there… which made it an even bigger sacrifice.

That being said I think this puts him in a pretty good running for the sweetest man ever! (Plus he thought I looked so peaceful that morning that he had let me sleep in!)

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2 Responses to The Sweetest Man Ever!

  1. Jessica says:

    that is so cute! it is so amazing how happy you are with your life and B. i am really happy that you found someone who truly makes you happy all the time.

  2. Dawn says:


    CONGRATS! You have won the Queen of All Things Awe-Summm Award!
    You can grab the award for your awesome blog from my blog.

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